Where We Are in the Process

June thru


JUNE: Hotel & corporate summer internship starts.

JULY: Hotel & Corporate summer internship in process.

AUGUST: Voyage jobs posted (Note: internships are not posted until December), Hotel & corporate summer internship ends.

Asia Pacific (APEC)

JUNE: Voyage & intern Offers for July/Aug hires. Job Close.

JULY: *Voyagers & interns start.

AUGUST: Voyagers & interns start.

Caribbean & Latin America

JUNE: Process varies by hotel as Voyagers & interns are hired opportunistically throughout the year.

JULY: Process varies by hotel as Voyagers & interns are hired opportunistically throughout the year.

AUGUST: Process varies by hotel as Voyagers & interns are hired opportunistically throughout the year.

China (Greater China)

JUNE: Job Close.

JULY: Voyage hires start.

AUGUST: Voyage hires start.


JUNE: Voyagers start program.

JULY: Voyagers start program.

AUGUST: Voyagers start program.

Middle East & Africa

JUNE: Conduct Voyage final interviews, Offers made, Jobs close.

JULY: Offer letters signed.

AUGUST: Conduct Voyage final interviews, Offers made, Jobs close.

Campus Recruiting Schedule

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Events for

Recruiter Date University Event Type
avatar of Giovanni Muñoz Giovanni Muñoz
Jun. 13th
Universidad El Claustro De Sor Juana
Information Session
avatar of Esne Carrasco Esne Carrasco
Jun. 19th
Duoc UC
Virtual Career Fair
avatar of Cheryl Buynak Cheryl Buynak
Jul. 16th
Culinary Institute of America - Greystone
Career Fair

Recruitment + Interview Tips

  1. Campus Events

    Attend any Career Fairs and presentations hosted by our industry professionals and network as much as possible.

  2. Professionalism

    Arrive early and be professional. Double-check the time, date, and location of your interview. Dress and act like you’re ready to be part of a business environment.

  3. Preparation

    Prepare to answer questions in the STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) format.

  4. Examples

    Make a list of the skills and/or experiences required for the job you are applying for. Then, consider specific examples of times that you displayed those skills. This will help you prepare for your STAR interview.

  5. Leadership

    Be a leader. Share examples of your life that you feel could apply in a business setting.

  1. Problem Solve

    Think through ways you have worked through a challenge on a project or in a volunteer setting. How did you prioritize and connect with people to get the project complete? How did you overcome hurdles? What did you do to accomplish your goals?

  2. Relationships

    Be a people person. How have you helped build relationships? Are you particularly good at working with others even when they have differing opinions? Make sure to have a few examples you can speak to.

  3. The Company

    Research the company online, talk to peers and mentors about their experience with the company.

  4. Questions

    Ask smart questions. Show your enthusiasm and your commitment to the position. Bring questions you have about the position, the program, or a specific brand or area of the business you would like to know more about.

  5. Interview

    Increase your knowledge of STAR interviewing.

STAR Interviewing

We use the STAR behavioral interviewing process. Follow these tips to craft your stories in your interview.

Build your story (who, what, when, where).

Explain the problem, job, assignment, or task that was presented to you in the situation.

What steps did you take? Who did you talk to? What was your reasoning? What was your decision making process?

What was the outcome of the action you took?

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